Principals Message

Principal Message
Smt. Sunita vikram koshale

Dear colleagues, parents, students, alumni and well wishers,

     A very warm welcome to govt. shahid veer narayan singh College bilaigarh, We are committed to be a leader in the advance of human resource development and innovative technologies that will contribute to the nation’s wealth creation as well as inculcate values and ethics in our students.

      Over the last decade or so, the general debate in Indian education has centred around its increasingly instrumental and utilitarian role. Of course, it is part of education to prepare students for employment; still, the greatest gift education can confer on students is the opportunity to contribute more effectively to their society, both spiritually and intellectually. Although an educational institution does not exist as an absolute mono-cultural entity, we hold with passion to a higher vision of education which values intellectual heritage that gives form and substance to our society than the mere utilitarian function of education. It ensures that students are educated to think critically and act ethically with social consciousness. This will also ensure that they appreciate the value of engaging with ideas they find objectionable, trying through reason to change another’s mind, while always being open to changing their own.

     We are fast moving from a more protective and cozy employee society towards a more challenging and demanding entrepreneurial society. Hence my message to you is not a feel-good message but a message of truth and encouragement. To live fulfilling lives in this new emerging world and to become an architect of the future, you need to be ready to reinvent yourself throughout your lives, as Harvard psychologist and philosopher William James distinguished between those who are ‘once born’ – who do not stray from the straight and narrow and those who are ‘twice born’ – who embrace fundamental change.

     It is the eventual aim of our college to achieve global prominence by developing and maintaining strategic alliances and international collaboration with renowned institutions and universities around the world. It is our prayer that with autonomy and independence in higher education, we will be amply blessed by God Almighty in this endeavor.


Govt. Shahid Veer Narayan Singh College 

Bilaigarh (C.G.)